DWN & C Founded by Anahita Kianous, MLA,MASArch, ASLA - May 2016

Due to recent climate change, the character of environmental regional planning has shifted to address the new extreme anticipating inventory design. As such, designing based on existing scientific research/data proposes a spatial, habitable landscape architectural solution as a model for flood mitigation for the East coastline. The research approached a potential result for resilient coastal landscapes along the New England coast in Massachusetts. The study demonstrates how through new public spaces designed to renew and protect the beach and the broader shoreline, residents and visitors will be able to engage with this 21st Century, a resilient beachfront.

Also, residents and visitors will experience sophisticated efficient flood alleviation strategies during natural successive storm events. The inherent goal of our idea is to create a design intervention, which applies new principles of resiliency to the coastal landscape through a technical and cultural solution, and which can be a replicable model for global coastlines elsewhere in Atlantic side.